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Said my therapist about our use of Zoom

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As a culture and society, we are creeping ever more behind our screens with each passing day and week.

Granted, some of this was prompted by the pandemic and our need to keep a distance from one another, which makes sense, and makes something like Zoom an important temporary tool.

Which can make us way happier if we remember them (Insight #2- You don’t know yourself as well as you think)

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#1- You Cannot Plan Your Life

Yes, there is merit to having goals and making general plans because this gives you a sense of direction. It helps guide you in knowing where you’d like to go. Then instead of just allowing life to take you wherever and floating on by, you are more likely to take…

Here are 10 that can have a huge impact on you

Source: The University of California

Fun fact and cool thing about bell hooks: she preferred to keep her name in all lowercase letters because she didn’t want the focus to be on the person (her) but on the substance of her work and books.

Here are several insights of hers that have already changed my…

Note: Commonplace doesn’t make them any less rude. Let’s change these to make our society a better place.

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#1- Being routinely flakey, changing plans last minute a lot, or canceling often

When living in Europe, I did not notice this occurring with the same frequency that it seems to with people I’ve befriended in America.

Thus, I’ve wondered if it’s partially a cultural thing, or if it’s something else.

Regardless, I suspect there are several reasons for this rise in flakiness.

Here’s how, and why some complexity and degrees of desire in these friendships need not be a big deal

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We’ve all heard this stuff more times than we can count.

“Men and women can’t be friends!”

“It always gets complicated.”

“Girls and boys can’t stay just friends for long…”

“It always turns into “more.”

“It’s dangerous.”

“Someone always ends up developing “feelings” for the other.”

I’m going to discuss…

Here are several values a lot of Americans buy into…and they make us miserable

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#1- Money over Meaning

A lot of people throughout the world, not just in America, think that being rich is the be-all, end-all.

In America, though, this has become a particular hunger over the last couple of decades, especially since our economy is stacked in their favor. …

The holy grail of diet ain’t so holy after all…

image by Hossein Farahani from Unsplash.com

Many people have come to believe that gluten-free is the holy grail alternative to something with gluten.

For quite some time, I was and have been one of those people.

These people think gluten-free signals a healthier alternative, possibly fewer calories, and less likely to damage their body in general.

Neither, contrary to what our society tells us. Each has challenges and strengths, drawbacks and positives

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Here’s the thing: a lot of people won’t think or care about this dilemma until they are faced with it.

Here’s the other thing: many people are never faced with this dilemma because their lives are kept fairly contained. They take the same route to work each day, they only…

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