10 Reasons To, If You Can, Get the Hell Out of Dodge

Aka America, this fast sinking, imploding ship

Brooke Meredith
14 min readJul 6, 2022


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#1- Women have lost their right to bodily autonomy

This is big, folks. About as big as it gets. When an entire group of people loses the right to choose an outcome with their bodies, as monumental as giving birth or not.

Here’s why, in a nutshell: Because even if you personally don’t agree with abortion, which is A-Ok, deciding that this should be imposed on and forbidden to everyone else is INSANE.

This is like someone deciding that because they don’t want to get chemo for their cancer (maybe they don’t wish to put those chemicals in their body), that chemo should then be outlawed and made unavailable to everyone else. It’s like deciding that because some people put their dogs and cats down if/when the animal is sick, everyone else MUST also be required to put their dog and cat down at the same time whenever an illness is discovered.

It is inhumane, entitled, and presumptuous to decide that because you believe or do not believe something, or because you think something is right or wrong, everyone else should be forced to live the same way.

Especially if that way of living involves taking away serious rights for a whole group of people.

It is also absurd to remark, “Well, the right to abortion isn’t in the constitution, so that’s a good enough reason for me to outlaw it.” Here are three reasons why.

First, the constitution was written in 1787, yes? And it was written by a few old, white men, reflecting the needs of a very different society and world back then, which has since changed a ton. Thus, it’s in much need of updating.

Second, women are not mentioned ANYWHERE in the constitution because they were considered non-persons back then so this is ultimately a terrible, foolish, and ultimately callous reason to hang your hat on (and it only makes clear the disregard and lack of care toward women someone feels if they use this line over and over).

Lastly, a bunch of things are not in the constitution about basic human rights that probably should be! So this is a narrow, black-and-white, ignorant way…



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