30 Life-Changing Lessons in 30 Years of Living.

image by Joe Pregadio from Unsplash.com
  1. It isn’t so much about what you’re doing, but often more so about who you have by your side.
  2. The quality of your friendships and romantic relationship either enriches your life or detracts from it. Choose these people carefully.
  3. Moving to a totally new place is one of the scariest, most daunting experiences initially. But. If you embrace it with open arms and put effort into building a life and good relationships in the novel place, it can be immensely rewarding and result in wonderful, life-changing things. Even more so and better then you imagined.
  4. You can choose your friends, so be choosy. It affects so much of your life, who you spend your time with.
  5. It’s better to risk hurt and vulnerability by saying “too much” then to regret not having said more.
  6. You learn who your real friends are when you go through the big stuff: marriage, big moves, divorces & breakups, job changes, death of a loved one, etc. Any big life transition or challenge. The real ones will shine.
  7. It’s true. Your real friends know all about you, and yet they see your beauty and love you still. They may not always agree with or understand your choices, but they still hold you in high esteem.
  8. This has been one of the harder lessons for me to learn thus far. It is rarely a good thing to react quickly or impulsively to a situation that causes you to feel intense negative emotions (like anger, jealousy, insecurity, etc). It is almost always better to wait. Let intense emotions settle. Give it lots of thought. Then respond and react if you still feel it is the right thing to do.
  9. Life lasting romantic love is real and possible. It involves a choice to continue placing your whole heart into this relationship each day.
  10. Sometimes one of the most relaxing and enriching things is to get lost in a great book. Allowing yourself to be pulled into another story or world.
  11. One of the best things you can do with your heart is to give it to someone deserving, and then love them deeply with all of it.
  12. Be open with those you care about regarding your affections for them.
  13. Life remains fulfilling and exciting as long as you continue to challenge yourself, try new things, grow and embrace change. This includes reading. Don’t have time to read? Then you should be ok with mediocrity and not going as far as you might otherwise.
  14. Find the courage to let go of relationships that do not inspire you, feel positive, or are not good for you (friendships or romantic or even in some cases, family).
  15. Once your health diminishes, it will be hard to get back. So put effort, discipline, and thought into maintaining it while you have it so that your health remains. This will not always be easy, and it isn’t often about giving in to what you want at the moment. Frequently, it involves forgoing what you want at the moment, for the goal of long-term life health.
  16. The great people in your life, the ones you know are worth it? Put time and effort into staying close with them. Over one’s lifetime, this will be one of your most rewarding pursuits.
  17. Travel once, totally and completely alone. It’s a character-expanding, peaceful, and exciting experience.
  18. Enjoy the little things. A warm tea on a cold afternoon, an unexpected phone call from someone you love, a great conversation, a hug from a friend, cupcakes, a great book. Put together, all the little things amount to things that are big.
  19. Be interested in others. This will make you a rare person. Other people have always had experiences that we have not, are equipped with things they can teach us that we do not know, and have unique insights to life we will not have, etc. Learning about others and being open to and interested in their stories and insights will enrich and expand our own life views.
  20. Travel as much as you can. It’s such an exciting, memorable, adventurous and fun thing. It makes you a more interesting and open-minded person. And, we do not have much time on this earth to experience and explore it. Thus, make the time to do this. It is always worth it.
  21. Be generous with forgiveness when it’s deserved.
  22. Don’t forget to laugh and have fun, every single day. It’s such an important thing. One we all too often forget as adults.
  23. Life is short. It goes by fast. We do not have unlimited time here on this earth. Don’t forget this.
  24. One mistake can completely alter the entire course of your life in a flash. This is an important thing to remember in considering an impulsive desire when balanced against long term life happiness and what one has to lose.
  25. Don’t forget to live instead of getting into a rut of just existing day-to-day.
  26. Actively choose to learn new things throughout your life. A new skill, information on a new topic, or make a point to have a new experience. These things not only keep your mind sharp but also make you more interested and continue to inspire your personal growth and wisdom.
  27. Have an activity that you spend time on which really excites and brings you enjoyment. Something you can lose yourself in. If you don’t have one, put the effort into trying out different things so you can find it. This will be well worth it once discovered.
  28. Learn to get comfortable with, enjoy, and even revel in your own company. This is an important thing, in terms of inner peace, reflection, self-esteem, etc. It results in greater confidence, mental health, and long-term wisdom if one routinely sets aside time to reflect and think on their own, without distraction.
  29. If it is both terrifying and amazing, you should probably pursue it.
  30. And one more…find the people who, when you are in their company, time seems to slip by in a flash. If you lose track of time with someone, it indicates this is someone you really connect with and enjoy.

Fervent writer. Ravenous reader. Impassioned with words. Relationship researcher. Social Scientist. Social Justice Advocate. Author. www.brookeenglish.com

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