60 Million Votes.

Even If He Doesn’t Win, This Says Everything.

image by C Drying from Unsplash.com

As I write this, 60 million people have voted for a man who spent the last four years tweeting, lying, shooting his mouth off, degrading and assaulting women, destroying our relations with most other countries, disregarding climate change with his pulling out of the Paris agreement, stirring up hatred and white nationalism, and, more recently, flippantly brushing off COVID so that it’s eaten America alive.

60 million people.

This means that half of all Americans, given that the election is basically split 50/50 at the moment, have the hearts and minds of Trump. Or at least, something close to it.

And that, my friends, is soul-crushingly depressing, and terrifying.

In a way, this means America is still a lost cause, even if Biden wins.

Because of this, no matter who becomes president, the country may be past the point of no return.

America’s stature in the world has fallen precipitously and thus, the need to reclaim former glory will resonate more, not less, in the future. Another Trump-like figure will likely emerge at some point as well, given the fanaticism and unyielding support that the actual Trump still has.

In the words of Jessica Wildfire: we thought 2016 was a fluke. We thought 2020 would be our comeback, a moment when the remaining empathetic and intelligent hearts of America would shine through at last. Now we’re really starting to see what’s going on if we didn’t before. Trumpism isn’t a bug. It’s a feature that we’ve been ignoring for a long time.

What’s been going on? Deep division and the rise of hate, the spread of ignorance and propaganda, the diminishment of democracy, the chipping away at a livable society, the gulf between the rich and everyone else ever-widening, and a terrible healthcare system, to name a few.

If Biden wins, a lot of people will feel relieved, wipe their brows, and think, whew, we made a narrow escape.

No, we didn’t.

At this point, with how close this election is, it says everything about the minds and hearts of Americans, and it’s nothing good.

Additionally, Biden has been a candidate that many people settled for, simply to get Trump out of office. He doesn’t excite anyone. People are doubtful as to if he can make any significant change to the deeply fractured and sick culture as it stands now. Thus, even if Biden wins, does this “save” America? Not really. Not with an election race that is this close. If anything, it just indicates that America has learned absolutely nothing over the last year, heck, the last four years, and is beyond saving.

You can read a few more specifics here that I wrote about what all of this means for Americans.

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