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Fervent writer. Ravenous reader. Impassioned with words. Relationship researcher. Social Scientist. Social Justice Advocate. Author.

So which will it be? Your immediate comfort or cooking us alive?

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The earth is getting hotter, and much faster than we anticipated.

Climate scientists are remarking that heat is increasing at a quicker rate than they predicted.

We are in trouble, with regard to climate change.

A hotter planet will mean things like ice caps and glaciers disappearing completely, water levels rising, cities being submerged in water, innumerable species of animals dying out (which will majorly mess up our entire environment and ecosystem), and more severe and more frequent tropical storms.

Intense heat sucks the moisture out of the soil; dry land leads to less evaporation, which leads to fewer clouds…

The key: Are yours workable or not?

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John and Julie Gottman are renowned relationship psychologists. They’ve been doing focused work with couples for decades. They’ve become so observant and attuned to the nuances between couples that they can predict, with a 97 or 98 percent accuracy rate, after watching a couple chat about something mundane for fifteen minutes if their relationship will endure.

Within his research, Gottman has come to find that about 69 percent of the problems in your relationship are unsolvable.

Yes, that’s right. A majority of current challenges in your relationship will still be there five, ten, fifteen years from now.

These can be…

What’s the difference in relationships? How do you balance it?

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Vulnerability is a crucial component of getting close to another person. We must reveal parts of ourselves to others, personal aspects, in order to connect deeply with and form meaningful, honest, heartfelt relationships. You cannot really have deep connections with others unless you do. Otherwise, your relationships will remain more surface-y.

Yet, some people confuse emotional dumping with emotional vulnerability.

They mistake revealing all (or most) of themselves quickly to another person as a connection. This is when things shift into emotional dumping and, unfortunately, is likely to repel a lot of emotionally healthy people.

A lot of us will…

And can even change your life in wild ways

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Travel need not be hundreds of miles from your home, nor must it be out of the country, in order to result in emotional riches. Most travel experiences can result in very worthwhile experiences and emotions, whether to somewhere nearby or somewhere far-flung.

(Though I would recommend that everyone travel to an entirely different country, at least a few times, if able, for the cultural experience this offers. Heck, even more so, I’d recommend living in another country for at least a year. It’s a character-changing and life-altering experience).

Here are the ways in which travel enriches and even changes…

You or them, which is it?

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You Aren’t Truly Interested In Them

When we are genuinely curious about and deeply interested in getting to know the person we are talking with, we don’t need to mine our mind to come up with random questions to ask, searching for something, anything.

Instead, our questions come naturally, because we are listening carefully, and we hear our conversational partner say things about which we actually want to remark, “tell me more.”

Our interest is genuinely piqued, because we are actually listening and thus, hear things that prompt it.

So, if you’re spending time with someone and feel it’s dull, though believe that you are interested…

And if we let this happen, it will change our culture as we know it

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I came across a jarring graph recently in an article by Andy Hunter (who I credit more fully at the end of this article) that shows a projection of Amazon’s hold over the book sale industry. It’s not looking good.

Within just the next four years, it is projected that will have roughly an 80 percent command over the book market.

This is a terrible thing for several reasons, and it’s something that will change our culture at large in significant ways.

Authors and Bookstores Lose Money

Why does Amazon sell books at prices so low? Cheap books devalue books to drive competitors out…

5 reasons why this is the case

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#1- Books That Challenge and Upset the Status Quo Are Often Those That Evoke Necessary Change

Consider the novels: Lolita, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Forever by Judy Blume, Ulysses, The Color Purple, The Catcher in the Rye, The Adventures of Huck Finn, Brave New World, Of Mice and Men, Lord of the Flies, American Psycho, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and 50 Shades of Gray, to name a few.

All of these were considered highly controversial, offensive, obscene, or upsetting in some way.

All of them have become major hits, some of them even classics, many of which are considered important and awesome literature.

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair evoked public outcry over food sanitation.


Who are we as individuals to decide who is allowed a voice and who isn’t?

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Why have we come to decide that anything which offends or upsets us must suddenly be turned away from, blocked, or even erased altogether?

If this were to happen, our seemingly wildest wishes of shutting out and canceling anything that upsets us, what kind of society and world might this create?

Cancel culture is grasping for what we believe is “safety”, as we are sacrificing resilience, wisdom, and the opportunity to learn.

In Vermont at Middlebury College, Charles Murray, a libertarian scholar, was invited by a student group to speak about his 2012 book, Coming Apart. His book discusses the…

Are you, like many, too attached? And what harm might it cause?

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  • When at home, you always grab your phone on your way to the toilet to bring it in there with you
  • You don’t (aka, can’t) go more than an hour or two without “checking” it
  • Much of the time, when you are out and about moving through the world, you are staring down at your phone clutched in hand (maybe scrolling, texting, etc)
  • Your phone is the first thing you grab and look at upon waking up, and it’s the last thing you look at before going to bed (Exception: you are a surgeon or ER doctor or something along…

6 reasons why these are crucial to everyone

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Reading regularly will pave the world for life most awesomely lived. Here’s why we need both authors and books, both as individuals and the world.

#1- Books Can Teach Us Endless Amounts of Things

You can learn so much through reading.

You can learn about helicopter theory, gardening, how to speak Italian, or better communication skills with friends and loved ones. You can learn life-changing insights about romantic relationships or dysfunctional family relations. You can learn things you didn’t know about nutrition, health, and the human body which then improve the quality of your life.

You can learn how to care for an animal, what it might be like…

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