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#7- Take more vacations and sick days

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#1- Spend at least a couple of hours outside every day

A study done by the app Mappiness in 2010 found, via 20,000 participants, that people are least happy either at work or while sick in bed.

They are most happy when they’re with friends or lovers.

And their moods tend to reflect the weather at hand.

But, one of the biggest variables is not who you’re with or what you’re doing. It’s where you are.

On average, study participants were significantly happier outdoors, in an all green or natural habitat type, rather than in an urban environment.

We are growing increasingly burdened and inundated by chronic ailments made worse by…

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Most people go through much of their day staring at screens. Their laptop or desktop computer, their iPad, the television, and their cell phone.

Lately, people’s cell phones have become quite the fixture, in their hands, on their minds, and as they move through their daily activities.

A lot of people now cannot go longer than an hour without grabbing their phone and looking at it. For many, it’s even less.

For loads of people (I can think of a few I know), in any moment of pause during their day, reaching for their phone is a knee-jerk reaction. …

The good news? This means you have more control over it than you might imagine.

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Depression is more a disease of civilization than faulty brain chemistry.

How do I know this?

Well, I don’t for sure. No one knows anything for sure.

But a lot of research tips heavily in the favor of this.

(Note: Some of these will be controversial viewpoints. Some of them will probably even make a lot of people quite angry, as tends to happen with anyone who says something controversial nowadays. That’s ok. Because the people who are open, curious, and truly interested in learning and personal growth will, instead of immediately growing angry, “offended”, and writing off everything I…

Including mental, relational, and physical health

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“If I’m craving something, I’m just going to eat it and listen to what I want. This is part of being healthy”

Eh…while there is some gray area here and nuance, in general, this is flawed thinking. Sometimes drinking a lot of alcohol feels awesome. Doing drugs can also feel great. It might feel enticing and sexy temporarily to cheat on your partner for the rush it provides in the moment.

There are tons of things we crave, desire, want to eat or drink, long to do, and feel the impulse to engage in, which are absolutely not good for our bodies or minds.

So, just because you are dying for something deep-fried, some food item that is a sugar bomb, or…

Aside from making us dumber and less resilient

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Nowadays, many of us have bought into the idea that we have “a right” to go through life without ever being upset, uncomfortable, or offended by anything. And that if we do, it should be turned away from, blocked, or even “canceled.”

This is both absurd and harmful, for several reasons.

#1- This is Not a Rational, Realistic Expectation of the World or Life

You will meet people and come across ideas, throughout your life, that are difficult, upsetting, offensive to you, uncomfortable, or even angering.

This is called life.

It’s unavoidable if you are a human and are living in the world among others.

Thus, expecting to move through the world being…

Not caring enough about climate change…cancel culture…and more

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#1- Not Giving More of a Crap About Climate Change

Some of us care. Most people in America do not care nearly enough, though.

And because of this, we are already paying, and it’s only going to get worse.

The last decade is likely the hottest the planet has been in 125,000 years.

And the top three greenhouse gas emitters — China, the European Union, and the United States — contribute 41.5% of total global emissions (while the bottom 100 countries only account for only 3.6%).

The world’s glaciers are melting and receding at a rate “unprecedented in at least the last 2,000 years.”

Atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide have…

Now, we pathetically shame, aggress, and lose our minds toward anyone who has a different opinion

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When I was a teenager and young adult, I recall disagreeing with friends. We’d have different opinions about something, discuss this, sometimes even argue, but then move on.

I witnessed and experienced the same thing among strangers. At my mom’s parties, or when we had large family dinners, people disagreed at times. Sometimes even vehemently. This sometimes lent itself to lively debates. At times, anger was sparked. And it generally wasn’t the end of the world.

During school, in the classroom during lectures and lessons, as well as on the playground with peers, we disagreed about things. We discussed the…

This is a complex issue and one that writers wrestle with all the time

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There is no “right” answer to this.

Everyone will have an opinion on the topic, and these opinions will vary.

What will be “right” for you will be different for someone else. Each person’s stance on this topic is just that, an opinion, and thus, is not something black and white, but instead, a perception.

And, something that the wisest people keep in mind: many perspectives have valid points.

So, how to deal with our loved ones on the page and screen? It’s a tough one.

Should you share something that feels important to say, though which might cause immense…

Just writing and talking about it isn’t nearly enough. You actually need to do something

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Because if everyone acts, then changes actually happen.

The last decade is quite likely the hottest the planet has been in 125,000 years.

The top three greenhouse gas emitters — China, the European Union, and the United States — contribute 41.5% of total global emissions, while the bottom 100 countries only account for only 3.6%.

The world’s glaciers are melting and receding at a rate “unprecedented in at least the last 2,000 years.”

Atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide have not been this high in at least 2 million years.

Ocean levels have risen 8 inches on average over the past…

Extremism and eyes glued to your screens? There’s a link here

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Over the last few decades, our sense of community in America has been dwindling, and fast.

Membership in and attendance to things like Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, bowling leagues, church, rotary clubs, book clubs, and all sorts of other group gatherings, have taken a nosedive.

People entertain way less in their own homes nowadays than just a few decades ago. We invite friends over for dinner, on average, less than half as often as we used to.

Adolescents spend much less time with each other in person than teens did when I was that age, and a lot more time…

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