Are You A Mature, Emotionally Healthy Adult?

Hint…Not As Many Of Us Are As We Think.

Brooke Meredith


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We tend to assume that once someone physically looks the part of an adult, that is it. They are a grown-up.

Not quite. Consider the adults you know personally (there might be just one or two, or potentially even more) who are emotionally chaotic, who have significant character flaws that impact their life and relationships (not the minor and usual ones we all have. Instead, I am talking about traits and behaviors that majorly impact one’s life negatively), those “adults” who just cannot seem to get their lives together, and those who experience frequently turbulent relationships.

We all know people like this, and usually, they are “adults.” Meaning, they look like adults on the outside. However, in the article following, you will learn that in actuality, they are still children emotionally.

These are people who have failed to grow up. Who, while they may embody the physical appearance and age of an adult, are not adults in their minds and emotions. And it shows in the lives they lead.

I will describe several traits of “adults” who are actually children in a grown-up’s body.

What's helpful about this article is that:

1. It can help with identifying those around you who are still essentially children, both mentally and emotionally (even though they may appear physically, to be an adult). And thus, can assist in your dealing with and better understanding them (whether a colleague, family member, or other).

2. If you have one, a few, or even several of these traits yourself, the only way one can grow and change is through insightful admittance and recognition of areas in which you can stand to grow. Therefore, both seeing and admitting such within yourself, and then attempting to actively change your thinking and behavior towards growing and taking back your sense of adulthood can change your life radically for the better.

Here is what happens (and how it negatively impacts our lives) when we fail to grow up:

Inordinate Need for Approval. People who struggle to grow up emotionally often cannot function well independently of the opinion of others (this can be…