Can Sleeping Separately Actually Be Good for a Relationship?

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Better Quality Sleep

I slept better. He experienced the same. When sharing a bed, via both people tossing and turning naturally throughout the night, this can result in waking each other up unintentionally. Especially if one of you is a light sleeper.

Healthy and Rejuvenating Time to Yourself

I enjoyed the time before bed to wind down, be alone with myself and my own thoughts, and to do as I wished. The time was spent reading, though occasionally thinking or writing. He felt similarly, being able to have that time to himself, on his own for a little while before retiring for the day to bed.

A Sense of Anticipation at Seeing Each Other Again

I didn’t feel any semblance of weakened emotional connection, as some psychologists remark is a risk at sleeping apart. Though this could be for a couple of reasons.

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