Chemicals are not love. They are one aspect of love, yes. But they are not love. Chemical messengers are not synonymous with love. Oxytocin is also not love.

Desiring someone isn't love either. Again, it is part of love, but it isn't love.

Love is, to name a few examples, deciding to hang out with your in-laws for the day even though they are not your favorite people, but doing so because they are important to and are loved ones of your partner.

Love is putting in the effort and time to truly listen to and be present with your partner (or friend, or family member). Few people do this very often anymore.

Love is deciding to show up, even when you'd rather not or it isn't especially convenient.

Love is putting in the effort to remember the things your partner loves and dislikes, their life dreams, their goals, their fears, their traumas, and continuing to have active interest in how they are becoming as they continue to change and grow.

Love is forgiving.

Love is extending yourself for another person.

You likely see where I am going with this.

Love is not chemicals. It isn't feelings.

Yes, within love, there are chemicals at play. There are feelings at play. But love is not those things. Love is action, choices, and behavior.

So, something other than science rears its own head here within my argument.

Seems you have all the answers about love though, eh? ;-). I wonder, why read articles if you aren't open to the opinions of others, if you aren't seeking learning and alternate perspectives from your own? If you aren't interested in considering the ideas of other people and if, instead, you already know the answer...?

That aside, I would argue that on in general, the vast majority of articles are not fact but are a plethora of opinion. As is this one.

Yes, people often support their opinions with research, but still, Medium is a sea of thoughts, personal opinions, etc. Any opinion can generally be supported with research too, and that does not necessarily make it universally true or fact either.

Your take on "love" being biochemical is your opinion. That is partially true, and it is partially not true. It is not the full picture.

Other people, myself included, think of love differently than just chemicals and desiring/wanting to sleep with someone. And they are not wrong.

Fervent writer. Ravenous reader. Impassioned with words. Relationship researcher. Social Scientist. Social Justice Advocate. Author.

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