During a Global Health Pandemic, People’s True Colors Come Out.

So pay attention to what you see.

image by Joshua Coleman from Unsplash.com

When times get tough, when things are uncertain, and when people find themselves in moments of scarcity or worry, this is also when people's true colors come out.

Hoarding toilet paper, so that one family has fifty rolls and other families are left with little to none.

Hocking single rolls of toilet paper outside a shop for $20 a roll.

Grabbing for something in the grocery store, the last item on the shelf, and ripping it from someone’s hand.

Stealing packages off the front porches of people’s homes.

Shrugging and remarking at the information of millions and millions of people being quite sick, “eh, they need to get back to work. We can have the country back up and running again by Easter!”

Saying no to ventilators for the entire country because of the “high price.” One that the Government could easily have afforded.

Keeping your government issued stimulus check to buy yourself a new couch and some clothes, when really, you don’t need it at all.

Using this time at home to focus on getting your “bikini body” ready, because what else would you do during this time? No excuses to not “look hot” after all this quarantining. Because looking “hot” is crucial in life.

Hosting huge parties every weekend now, because hey, you are young, healthy, and this whole thing will blow over anyway. The perfect time to let loose and have some ragers. Let’s drink!

When out and about, strolling within mere inches of people on the sidewalk who are also out (as opposed to giving wide berth, a la being thoughtful of social distancing).

All of the above offer relevant and significant clues to a person’s character, to who they truly are in their innermost depths of heart.

All of them indicate people who are: selfish, emotionally immature, illogical, greedy, and not particularly concerned with the health or well-being of one’s fellow humans. They point to stinginess, and of a preoccupation with me, me, me.

These are people who are very much focused on themselves, as opposed to what they might do to help others. They are ones with shallow, trash priorities, as opposed to altruistic, giving, empathetic, priorities and values.

On the other hand, there are people out there right now who are:

Donating clothing, other household goods, and money to people who are in need at the moment.

Heeding the social distancing orders put in place, because they realize it isn’t all about them, what they want, their health, them feeling a “bit lonely” at the moment, and their immediate desires. So they are, instead, doing their part (and remember folks, this is temporary) to halt the progression of this disease spreading by following the current orders in place.

When out and about walking, are making sure to give wide berth and space to other passersby out of respect, safety, and awareness of our current situation. They possess the thoughtfulness and care to make sure and do this.

They take one, two, maybe three items from the grocery store shelf and then leave plenty for others to have as well. Remembering that it isn’t all about them and their needs. That other people have similar, and likely even greater needs as well.

They are concerned with and prioritize their health, making a point of going out walking or jogging, and making sure to eat healthy foods right now, as maintaining one’s health at the moment should be a top priority (this will help keep you from getting sick). Yet, they aren’t narcissistically honing in on how “hot” they need to look and how “this is the time to make that happen.” Instead, they have way more, far greater concerns outside such a tiny, self-centered, shallow little bubble as this type of silly priority.

If they do not truly need it (because let’s be real, everyone wants the check, but do you really, really need it?), they offer their Government stimulus check to someone else in need.

They check in with family and friends regularly, wanting to know what is going on in their people’s worlds. How these people are doing and feeling and faring in all this insanity. Because they remember, there are worlds outside their own individual one.

They treat others (at a safe distance) with warmth, looking them in the eye, smiling, acknowledging the other human presence, and just generally behaving like a friendly, caring human being.

These behaviors indicate people who are: altruistic, kind-hearted, empathetic, generous and giving, emotionally mature, thoughtful, and with a solid, quality inner character.

There are many more examples of the ways in which we see people’s true colors at the moment, in both beautiful ways and not so great ones. This was only to name a few examples.

Pay close attention. The big moments in life like breakups, health crisis, and yes, worldwide health pandemics, they shine a light onto the heart and soul of a person. They bring to the surface, the true character of someone.

Fervent writer. Ravenous reader. Impassioned with words. Relationship researcher. Social Scientist. Social Justice Advocate. Author. www.brookeenglish.com

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