Efficient, Useful, and Calming Ways to Pass the Time While Shut Inside.

Coronavirus isolation doesn’t have to be for nothing.

image by Rhondak Native Florida Folk Artist from Unsplash.com

Working remotely aside, here are several ways in which one could use their time in worthwhile and stress-reducing ways while shut inside during this Corona Virus craziness.

-Cleaning and organizing your house.

-Reading. This is a great time for a focused, deep dive into reading all the things you’ve been meaning to get to.

-Jogging, yoga, home fitness, walking around the block, weight lifting. You can use this time to stay or even get into better shape.

-Writing online and freelance work. There are ways to bring in some extra money during this time while remote, your usual work aside.

-Pour hours into that projects you’ve been dying to work on. Bang out the book you’ve been aching to write, crank out that online course you’ve wanted to create, learn to play the instrument you’ve wished to, finish that Master thesis you’ve been dragging out. You get the idea. Use this time as an opportunity.

-Get into an engaging and gripping television show.

-Enjoy some cooking and baking, if you are lucky enough to have the resources to do so.

-Watch some fabulous movies.

-Get outside. Sit on your balcony in the sun. Walk around the block (while keeping a good amount of distance between you and others).

-Skype and talk on the phone with your loved ones, both those close by and far away. This helps you to remain feeling connected with others, which is crucial during this time of heightened isolation.

-Spend more quality time with your loved ones, with whom you are shut-in.

-Have a board game marathon.

-Play with your pets.

-Nap. A thirty-minute nap is great for your health. And, the healthier you are during this time, the more you protect yourself from getting sick.

-Get through reading that pile of magazines you’ve been meaning to.

-Write short stories or poetry.

-Get a couple of friends on Skype and play a board game with them that way. You’d be surprised how fun this can still be.

-Have afternoon tea and cookies with your loved ones with whom you are stuck inside.

-Is your side hustle or main gig something like making pottery, jewelry, purses, graphic design, painting, or creating online content? Right now, you can get some major output done on those things.

Fervent writer. Ravenous reader. Impassioned with words. Relationship researcher. Social Scientist. Social Justice Advocate. Author. www.brookeenglish.com

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