Hi Elle, you make several great points. Thank you for taking the time to type those up and share them!

Especially your remark, “there can be no equality without freedom- and the freedom to inhabit and share in this very fundamental aspect of humanness in a way that any woman wishes without censure is a cornerstone of that.”

Absolutely. You are so right.

My article was more in reference to the women who do it, either consciously or subconscious, for the drawing of the male gaze. To earn “approval” from men or society at large. This was the basis of my thesis.

But, of course, that is not a blanket statement for all women whenever they choose to dress in certain ways or showcase their bodies. I completely agree with you on that.

Fervent writer. Ravenous reader. Impassioned with words. Relationship researcher. Social Scientist. Social Justice Advocate. Author. www.brookeenglish.com

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