How Death and Great Love go Hand in Hand.

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With death whispering in your ear, priorities are often drastically reshuffled. Even potentially resulting in an entire life upheaval.

With regard to body image and sex, this would drop to the bottom of that list of “important things in life that occupies one's thoughts.” How your breasts look in this position during sex. Does your stomach stick out? Is your facial expression silly? Do I smell weird? Do they think I look good? Or, might they notice the extra five pounds I put on over the holidays?

With death waiting in the wings and our life’s clock ticking, we wouldn’t become so easily resigned, content to waste what little time we have on something that is not great for us.

Remaining in crappy coupledom’s like so many of us make the mistake of doing, and for far too long. We wouldn’t have the time to waste on something which later on, we are sure to regret having done so.

With the sand running out of our hourglass, we would be far more impressed upon and motivated to let go and make that daring sprint in the direction of seeking what is right for us, that which infuses us with light.

With an expiration date set on one’s romance (as well as, on one's life), though the specifics of such remain shadowed, we should feel more imperative to go all out. And not just for the duration of that oh-so-infatuated honeymoon phase, but indefinitely. Knowing that your relationship will end, either by death or sooner, can radically change the mindset and focus of our love.

Fervent writer. Ravenous reader. Impassioned with words. Relationship researcher. Social Scientist. Social Justice Advocate. Author.

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