How Our Increasing, Unnecessary Noise Symbolizes Lack of Care For One Another.

And, the ways in which excessive noise pollution harms us.

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It isn’t especially surprising that right now, America is imploding. We’ve all receded into ourselves. Our greatest concern: me.

And when you cannot see past yourself…well, there is not much of a community that exists in such a place. Nor are people bound to connect deeply with one another, nor care much for each other.

Because, as The Atlantic points out, noise is never just about noise.

It’s also another person or subject imposing their narrative on others, often against their preference or will.

It is, thus, inseparable from feelings of power and powerlessness.

Noise is a violation we can’t control and to which, because of our anatomy, we cannot close ourselves off.

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Fervent writer. Ravenous reader. Impassioned with words. Relationship researcher. Social Scientist. Social Justice Advocate. Author.

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