How Reading Makes Your Life Richer.

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Reading adds a whole additional layer to your daily experience and life.

Rising from bed, eating breakfast, getting ready, heading off to work, engaging in your job, socializing with colleagues, commuting home, going to the gym, cooking and eating meals, scrolling through your phone.

Reading can invite you into a new sense of empathy, a semblance of understanding others whom you might not have prior, and into alternate experiences- which you might never have come close to experiencing otherwise.

Through reading, we are able to touch on ways of living and being, to which we might never have otherwise drawn close or even known of.

Reading makes you smarter.

Really. People who read regularly have been shown to perform better on standardized tests. They also tend to have a higher and wider vocabulary. Reading expands your sense of what is possible in life, infuses you with new knowledge, and gives you a plethora of further ideas (if approaching your reading with openness, an interest in learning, and curiosity).

Reading offers one a source of entertainment and engagement.

Forget the mindless, waste-of-time smartphone scrolling, which ultimately offers you nothing. Pick up a book. You get so much more out of it.

It’s portable, as well as either cheap or even free (think libraries).

And, reading invites one to easily dive into an alternate universe or subject matter in the midst of one’s daily (and likely, routine) life.

See here for a list of all-time favorite fiction. The books that have stayed with me, many of which, for years. Long past my concluding and closing their covers.

Books, can and do, change you.

If one is, again, open and curious while reading (instead of closed off, opinionated, or judgmental. Because you don’t read books when you already “know it all.” You read to continue learning new things), books can change both you and your life in wild and wondrous ways.

Books offer a sense of connectedness.

They can gift us with the emotional experience of “oh wow, me too.” A sense of comfort that we are not alone, within a personal experience or in just who we are as individuals.

Books offer the reader new ways of thinking and being, which they may not have considered or even heard of prior.

A smattering of books which have done this for me:

Books can change our ways of thinking. And as a result, alter our relationships, health, mindsets, even our entire path in the process.

And isn’t that, after all, why we read? Or at least, it should be. Other than for entertainment and joy, for growth, evolution, and learning?

Books can help with healing.

For those who have been heartbroken, hurt, left, abused, medically injured, sick, or who have lost someone they loved. Within books, one can find a sense of connectedness, support, and understanding. We can access different ideas for and ways of dealing with, as well as can receive assistance with getting through these experiences via the guidance and insight of others.

Books create a sense of community, build bridges, and open new doors between people.

Think book clubs, reading in school, blogs about books, recommendations from friends on reads that changed their lives or perspectives. Books bring people together.

A life laden with books and reading is one of far more significant depth.

It’s a life of continued learning and garnered knowledge.

It is a life of perpetual growth and curiosity.

One rife with additional joy, engagement, and entertainment.

Books change lives. Books better us.

They teach us both how to be, and how to live.

Reading makes your life richer, in poignant and powerful ways.

Fervent writer. Ravenous reader. Impassioned with words. Relationship researcher. Social Scientist. Social Justice Advocate. Author.

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