How the Anticipation and Afterward of Traveling Make it Worthwhile.

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Adventuring brings you happiness from many differing pathways. Prior to, during and while in the heart of, and following the venture. Travel is the experience that keeps on giving, well before and long following the actual brief occurrence.

On first booking your trip, this tends to result in an upswing of excitement and anticipation. It opens the door to all that marvelous research into, “what do I want to see?” “What do I want to experience while in this novel place?” “What are the interesting, new foods I wish, as well as will dare to taste?” “What cool cultural experiences do I want to have?”

Much buildup and planning then ensue. Dreaming and a sense of discovery are ushered in. Days are counted down. A sense of gratitude and essentialism are brought about in considering, within my limited amount of time in this locale, what must I do, see, eat, explore, learn about, and experience? Since you can not possibly do it all, you must research thoughtfully, and then choose carefully.

As the trip draws ever closer, promise and thrill fill your mind and heart.

Then, on the trip finally unfolding, you experience the fireworks and fun of being dropped into a new, unknown place. Navigating the novel streets and culture. Tasting interesting food and drink. Meeting a diversity of people. Witnessing differing cultural traditions, values, and behavior that you might not have until now. It’s a mind-blowing, adrenaline-packed, thrill-a-minute thing, venturing out of the routine of your daily life and elsewhere.

It’s an eye-opening, wonderous, inspiring aspect of living, the opportunity to adventure and experience other parts of the world.

It reminds one of what it’s like to feel alive, what it’s like to feel uncertain, and that there are so many other ways of living and alternate types of lives, apart from the singular, limited one which they are currently living. It brings you face to face with parts of yourself which you may not have met yet or known were there in the first place.

Travel, at its most extreme and awesome, can open new doors and pathways inside your mind and even your life. A couple of examples of how this might happen: one takes a mission or volunteer-based trip to work with underprivileged children or assist with rehabilitating animals in an exotic locale. The sense of meaning and inspiration this person finds in the experience of that trip might alter their entire career path on returning home.

Maybe following spending a couple of weeks in Europe, a fire is ignited in the traveler's heart and they decide on moving there. That life where they are currently living is just not the right fit after all or anymore. Possibly following a culinary venture to a very different place, a person makes a drastic change to their nutritional and physical lifestyle following, resulting in significant changes to their body, mind, and overall health.

Potentially on spending a month in another country, someone's experience is poignant enough that someone decides to write a book on it. or, a person heads off for a week or two of skiing and snowboarding in the Austrian or Swiss Alps and subsequently decides to finally bite the bullet and become an instructor for one of these sports, as they’ve always yearned to. This coming packaged along with them moving to one of these incredible places.

Travel can open new doors, lead you to passions and interests you didn’t realize existed or were ones in which you would delight, and even, to alternate homes you hadn’t known were there waiting for you.

And finally, on returning home from travel, one receives emotional benefits long past the trip concluding. In sharing your adventure stories with others, this is essentially a re-living of the experience every time you do so. Whenever ruminating on the memories of a trip, this will be a positive, nostalgia-inducing emotional experience. And, the lessons you’ve learned during their venturing outside the realm of their everyday and well-known life will stay with you and, as mentioned, possibly even change your life following.

Travel is one of the few things you can buy which makes you richer, in numerous awe-inspiring ways. And, it can even change your life entirely, in wild and wonderful ways.

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