Libraries and Bookstores are the Doorway to All of Life.

Everything lies in wait for you past their doors.

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Within libraries and bookstores, the world awaits. You can read about the life of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, or Mother Theresa. You can learn how to speak Italian, what the Paleo diet means and looks like, how wheat affects your health, and learn about what makes a relationship toxic. You can explore other cultures and places. You can garner insights into healthier relationships, how to be a better friend or the intricacies of a particular dog breed. You can learn better communication skills, and gain more empathy via both fiction and non-fiction reading alike.

Also within fiction, we learn what it means to be human. We are offered different ideas for living and loving. Other ways of approaching our relationships and our lives, then we might have considered prior.

We can also escape into other worlds and lives, if only for a moment. Instead of being relegated to only our own life, which is already marvelous enough just being alive, we are able to live another one simultaneously.

It is within both fiction and non-fiction that we learn about life, that we gain greater insight into love and friendship, and that we figure out how to be human.

Every single book is one that holds the door to another world, a differing perspective, and experience for the reader.

The whole galaxy and starry sky are contained within libraries and bookstores, in terms of life topics, differing human perspectives, and greater knowledge.

While perusing the quiet aisles of a bookstore or library, nothing happens, other than eyeing one’s potential next read, and possibly selecting it. And yet, everything could happen. Within one book, your whole life can change.

You can stumble upon whole alternate life paths within a book. Entirely new ways of thinking. Different ways of relating to others, which then change your relationships for the better (and thus, your life).

Each parcel filled with pages is knowledge, a new perspective, life lessons, entertainment, possibly even something poignant, all awaiting you.

Books truly are proof that humans can make magic. Entire worlds and complex people, contained within those parcels and pennings, which transport the rest of us, and even change some of us. It doesn’t get much more incredible than that.

Those who choose not to read are missing out, majorly, on innumerable life riches. All of life is found in books. People who read, and actually learn from what they’ve read, applying some or much of it to their own lives, these people never stop growing. They are likely to live far more insightful, intellectually rich, mentally engaging lives than those who do not.

Books are our human method of communicating across the space of the world. Books are how we speak to one another. They are how we teach and offer up the lessons of our own lives. We stand to learn much from one another, and books are a surefire way to do that.

A book is such a gift. It’s one of the few things you can buy that makes you far richer after having read it. Even the not so great books have things that we can learn from their message, writing, or story.

One caveat: of course, as with anything, there are bad books. Propaganda. Toxic messages. Immaturely and ill-informed ones which were dashed off and somehow published. Those which encourage and perpetuate harmful cultural behaviors and values. Thus, books do and are all of the above, as described. While simultaneously, remember, as with anything, there are bad ones amidst the bunch as well. Thus, do your reading with a thoughtful, careful, considering eye and mind.

All while you allow books to fill your mind and heart, with new knowledge, with powerful life lessons, alternate ways of thinking, being, and loving, and to essentially change your life.

Fervent writer. Ravenous reader. Impassioned with words. Relationship researcher. Social Scientist. Social Justice Advocate. Author.

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