Noise Pollution is Out of Control

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  • The sound of idling bulldozers can reach 85 decibels, according to DD, and people that work around bulldozers can sustain irreversible hearing damage within a single working day.
  • Some types of noise pollution are recreational in nature. DD indicates that personal music systems playing at a maximum volume level can exceed sounds of 100 decibels, which can irreversibly damage hearing. Even among people that only listen to music at that level for 15 minutes daily.

Thus, this increase in unnatural and outside-of-our-control noise has dire effects, both on our hearing ability, as well as on our emotional and physical well being.

A significant degree of noise is truly out of our control and even natural, over which we cannot do much of anything (aside from wearing ear plugs or moving ourselves to quieter areas).

However, much of the noise in our culture, we create, imposing it upon others with little to no consideration or thought, and to ridiculous degrees.

Why? Especially when we realize it tends to annoy, stress out, or even anger the people around us.

Just because you wish to hear certain noise, does not make it fair to then push that noise on others.

— Keep in mind that many people would like some peace during their rides home from working all day. It’s a polite and kind thing to attune your actions to and respect that idea. If you wish to hear noise, keep it contained to just your ears, as opposed to blaring into all of ours. We do not all need to hear it as well. No headphones? Well, then opt on the side of consideration for others and refrain from playing it until you do have headphones.

Fervent writer. Ravenous reader. Impassioned with words. Relationship researcher. Social Scientist. Social Justice Advocate. Author.

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