Our President Doesn’t Care About Our Health or Well-Being. He Cares about Money and Capitalism. That’s It.

Here is why, right now, listening to our President is a don’t-or-die situation.

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As I’m sure everyone has read by now, Trump “wants to have the country up and running again by Easter.” Why? His response, “it just seemed like a beautiful time.”

Good. God.

If this is not concrete, cold hard proof, and the nail in the coffin that we have a complete idiot for a President (to those who still do not see this), well, then frankly, I don’t know what is. The above remark is terrifying.

We are in the eye of the hurricane. In the midst of a swirling, crashing, worldwide health pandemic. The U.S. might just be the epicenter of where it continues to unfold. Thousands and thousands are sick. Hundreds have died. It is going to take much longer than the next 3 weeks to get this under control and contained. Wishful thinking on Trump's part, though more so, completely moronic and shortsighted.

However, this is no mere oversight on his part. It’s more than this.

As anyone with half a brain knows by now, our President does not give two hoots about the citizens of this country, other than the few who serve and can do things for him. The people he can use and order around. His minions. The ones who will do so when Trump says “jump.”

No, what Trump cares about is capitalism, money, re-election, his reputation, and that is about it. The country being shut down means the economy is tanking. This is bad news for everyone. Trump, though, is worried about it for himself, his own riches, and the impact it might have on his supporter’s impressions of him. If the economy crashes while he is in office? They might blame him, he worries. It could, oh no, ruin his chances of re-election.

The rich people of Trump’s circle and very small world are insulated from much of the impact that Coronavirus will have on most people. Why? Because they are loaded. Thus, they can easily separate themselves from all of this. They don’t have day jobs to which they may still have to trek, endangering their health and others in the process. They do not have to worry in the least about obtaining enough food, finding themselves at a loss for medical aid if needed, or without health insurance or enough to pay their bills.

So, what do they have left to concern themselves with?

Money. The economy. And, their circle remaining intact.

Donald Trump has proven himself to be, not a President who serves or is concerned in the least with his people. His priority is with himself and money. So, he wants to “get the country running again” in three weeks for capitalism and the economy. He, of course, then pays no heed to the warnings voiced by numerous scientists and experts on the topic of Coronavirus, who have said this would be a terrible idea.

Relaxing social distancing and the stay-at-home orders in just three weeks' time will result in the virus continuing to spread at a rampant degree. It will result in more sickness and more deaths. It will cause the virus to further its wreckage rather than to contain and quell it.

Donald Trump is looking for short-term gain, which will cause long-term detriment and wreckage.

But then, did we really anticipate or suspect anything different?

When he elicits this order in three weeks' time (assuming no halfway intelligent person persuades him otherwise) that “everyone can leave their homes and resume life as normal,” this is when intelligence and morals will come into play among us common folk.

The question for each of us then will become:

Who is willing to push back and do what they know is right? Instead of what our unintelligent, selfish, reckless President is doing.

As opposed to who blindly and dutifully goes along with what he says, to the further detriment of our world and country?

This is when people will need to put their foot down. Organizations and companies across America will need to say, nope. We are not re-opening until this thing is well under control. People must continue to work from home. Social distancing will need to endure for some time longer. Governors and Mayors will need to keep their containment orders in check, and for several more weeks, regardless of what Trump says.

All of the above needs to keep happening until things have been proven by experts and researchers, those studying Coronavirus every day and those who know what they are actually talking about, to be on a downswing.

Now is not the time to be listening to our President. It is THE time to do the very opposite. If not, we are going to pay for it, and dearly.

Intelligent, as well as moral people, will not go along with what Trump says come Easter. They will dig their heels in. They will act of their own accord, of what they can plainly see is right and smart to do. They will push back on and challenge his idiocy. They will pump the breaks and refuse to go along with it, to try and cease his foolish and selfish declarations which will, quite obviously, only result in more sickness and death.

This is not the time to listen to our President, folks. This is the very time, and possibly the most crucial time, to do the exact opposite. This is the moment when defying him may very well save the state of this country, and even the world. We cannot go along with the words of a leader who has zero interest in the citizens whom he is supposed to serve. Instead, we must do the opposite, if we can have any hope of surviving and getting through this together.

Fervent writer. Ravenous reader. Impassioned with words. Relationship researcher. Social Scientist. Social Justice Advocate. Author. www.brookeenglish.com

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