Police Stood and Watched as Psychos Pillaged the Capital Yesterday

While months ago, the police attacked and arrested peaceful BLM protestors in Portland and elsewhere

image from the Philadelphia Inquierer

Though some masked police drew their guns when Trump Thumping lunatics broke windows and barricades in the Capitol yesterday, something else very disturbing happened. Something that should terrify and chill the rest of us.

Over nearly a span of four hours, police did absolutely nothing as psychopaths broke into, looted, and pillaged the Capitol yesterday. You read that right. They did nothing.

Yet, during peaceful Black Lives Matter protests a few months ago, in Portland and other cities, police attacked and arrested hundreds.

And this, my friends, is what we should be zeroing in on from yesterday.

This should be the main takeaway and focus from all of it.

Because this is truly terrifying.

Yesterday, one of the most severe intrusions of the Capitol happened since the British invaded during the war of 1812 and burned it down.

An armed standoff happened in the House chamber, with police officers drawing their guns, and yet, even with a few guns drawn, Trump extremists casually monkeyed around, dancing and giggling, entering Nancy Pelosi’s office, overturning desks and smashing photos, breaking windows, ripping artwork off the walls, and the police did nothing. They just watched.

In fact, it gets worse regarding the police.

But first, from yesterday, one woman was fatally shot. Multiple officers were injured. Another woman and two men died from separate medical emergencies as the mob of thousands charged the Capitol. Two explosive devices were found around noon near the headquarters of the Republican National Committee.

Yesterday, the attack started in the early afternoon.

Guess what? The National Guard did not show up until around 7 pm. Four hours later. Before that was mayhem.

People banged on glass windows. Crowds charged into the building. Some used poles to batter an entrance inside. The crowd rushed through. For about an hour, the Trump loyalists went in and out of at least one entrance of the Capitol with little disruption from the police.

People were screaming, pulling plastic bags over their heads to protect themselves from tear gas, and cowering behind desks. And the mob continued to stream in. One guy in a red hat was helping people inside through a broken window. Trump loyalists roamed the halls, untouched, taking photos, and breaking into offices. No police officers were in view. (A direct quote from the NY Times).

“We’re claiming the House, and the Senate is ours,” a sweaty man in a checked shirt shouted, stabbing a finger into the air.

When asked why the police were not forcing the mob out or reacting, he said “we are just going to let them do their thing for now.” That is another direct quote.

Another police officer stood by the stairway, watching everything unfold and simply answering questions, including directing one protestor to the bathroom. A different protestor then came up to him and shouted in his face, “Traitor!” When another man approached this same cop to apologize for the other guy's behavior, the officer replied, “you’re fine.”

Is. This. For. Real?

“You’re fine”? Breaking into and pillaging the Capitol? Vandalizing and terrifying people? Trying to overturn democracy? And the attack on the capitol, of course, a clear and disgusting violation of the Constitution and all our country supposedly stood for, at one time anyway. Yet, protesting peacefully in the streets, in support of black people and how they are treated in our country, which is a constitutional right (peaceful protest without damaging property or hurting others) was met with assault, attack, and hundreds of unconstitutional arrests.

Interesting, that all of yesterday's events were “fine” according to police, and yet, peaceful protesting for black lives was not fine.

Protestors repeatedly exited the Capitol building yesterday bearing trophies they had torn off walls. Objects stolen from Ms. Pelosi’s office were especially coveted.

It wasn’t until 7 pm that the presence of police officers and federal agents drastically increased along the National Mall.

And all of this, my fellow Americans, is why we should be distraught, terrified, and devastated.

Fervent writer. Ravenous reader. Impassioned with words. Relationship researcher. Social Scientist. Social Justice Advocate. Author. www.brookeenglish.com

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