Signs of a Diseased Culture.

Brooke Meredith
4 min readJul 24, 2019
(image by Hush Naidoo, from

Symptoms of a diseased culture:

-The leader, chosen by that very culture to run it, is a misogynistic, racist, rapist, hateful, horrible human being. And still, much of that culture continues to applaud and support him.

-The main mode of selecting one’s sex partners (or, in seeking a romantic one) has become via a left or right swipe on a cell phone.

-That we live to work, instead of living to grow and become.

-We routinely dismiss and even outright ignore human beings for whom we care (and are right in front of us), for electronic devices. Unable to put them aside for longer than a handful of minutes, ever tethered to their updates and dings.

-We are told (or more accurately, pressured and guilted) into thinking that people must ever remain close with and connected to their family, simply by nature of the label “family” and the sharing of similar blood. That no matter how toxic or hurtful these people might be, we are obligated to endure it, by nature of their being our DNA relation. This is messed up, dismissive, and misplaced thinking. And it keeps a lot of people in connections that are deeply harmful to them.

-People are either too fat or too skinny. They are never just “enough.” Instead, they should be ever striving toward a nearly impossible ideal. This “should” be a central pursuit and priority of one’s life. Otherwise, good luck finding anyone to love you.

-An entire sex (women) feel compelled, pressured, or drawn toward cutting open and surgically altering their bodies and outer appearance in order to feel more comfortable, accepted, or desired by that culture, as well as the opposite sex.

-And further, that entire sex is deemed lesser than the other sex. That by means of their having different genitals, whole broad sweeping, false, illogical assumptions have been made and stereotypes formed, such as a lesser intellect, less valuable voice, and lesser overall worth, to name a few.

-It was found across multiple large scale studies that between 65% and 98% of women worldwide have experienced persistent street harassment which alters the course of their day.

-Most people are routinely overstressed, overtired, and tend toward also being…