Thank you so much for the suggestion, Keith. I will be watching that documentary, hopefully this weekend! I look forward to it.

You make a great point about shrinking down what is a much larger topic into a far too condensed article. However, this is the nature of most articles. It is sort of part and parcel with the format of an article. For a plethora of written pieces, they could easily be expanded into a book. For the purpose of Medium though (and most publications), things need to be shortened, condensed, and trimmed down. That is what an article is. A piece on a topic, a shorter and sweeter read on it than a book would offer.

So while I completely agree with you about the article being much wider than the topic was given its due here, that was done on purpose. I could not possibly have covered it all, as you said perfectly.

Thank you very much for reading though, and for your recommendation!

Fervent writer. Ravenous reader. Impassioned with words. Relationship researcher. Social Scientist. Social Justice Advocate. Author.

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