The Conflict Stage: An Inevitable Phase of Every Relationship. Will It Make or Break You Two?

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Here is the key: either the conflict stage makes you stronger and is one through which you navigate together, or, it chips away at your relationship, exposes all the ways in which it may not work so well after all, and then leads to the end of the relationship.

Let’s pause for a minute, rewind, and start with the fun stuff though.

Thus, two things are happening in the conflict stage:

One: you are finally seeing your partner’s weaknesses, their challenges, their not-so-appealing traits, and maybe even a few outright crappy ones.

What happens in the conflict stage will determine the fate of the relationship. Whether it will move into the final stage (commitment) or not.

Part of this is determined by: do you hear your partner during the conflict stage, really hear them, and then rise to the occasion?

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