There are Two Types of People in This World.

One type will have generally fulfilling lives. The other will struggle.

Brooke Meredith


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Type one…

is interested in and actively pursue growth and learning over the course of their lives. This includes the embracing of lessons that are painful and uncomfortable to face, consider, and learn.

These types of people read.

They are open to and interested in feedback.

They are not afraid of challenges or adversity.

They are brave and mature enough to hear it when another person is angry, offended by, or displeased with them. In fact, they want to hear it, so they can try and solve the problem, to grow into a better person and improve their relationships.

These types have a sense of personal responsibility. They are not fearful of admitting their weaknesses, faults, or when they screw up.

They crave new information, novel life lessons, interesting insights from others, wisdom, and growth.

And, they are not just talk. You see the shifting and changes in this person over the course of their life because they are actually growing.

These types of often happier people, with bright auras and joyous dispositions. They are generally excited about life. They find the richness (not monetary) and awe in numerous aspects of their life experience.

Conversations with these people tend to be fun and engaging, sometimes even inspiring and thought or life-changing.

Type two…

is not especially interested in growth or change. They might feign to be, nodding when someone speaks and remarking, “interesting,” though they never really take new information to heart or really ruminate on or consider it. Not deeply.

These types tend to live a life that looks largely the same every single day.

They will not be big readers.

They tend to be defensive and self-righteous.

They are closed off to feedback. They think they are awesome just the way they are. When in truth, they will experience a life of far more struggle than type one.