Two Contributors to Potentially Getting the Corona Virus Which You Hadn’t Thought Of.

Aside from the recommended precautions and social distancing, these are just as important.

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What You Put Into Your Body.

Food is medicine. What we routinely put into our bodies either helps to strengthen the immune system and ward off disease or, assists in creating it.

A person who consumes, and regularly, a lot of nutrient-deficient foods and drinks (processed foods, sweets, alcohol, fast food, sugary juices, wheat, frozen foods) is someone who likely has a weaker immune system than say, the person who eats a lot of lean proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, and who consumes minimal sugar and wheat.

For instance, consumption of wheat is known to contribute towards the growth of belly fat over time, it significantly increases your risk of diabetes (since wheat raises one’s blood sugar more than any other food, even more so than candy bars), it amplifies symptoms of mental illness, aids toward mental fogginess, it weakens bones, ages you horribly, helps cause heart disease, and wrecks you skin. To name a few. (Grain Brain by David Perlmutter and Kristin Loberg, as well as Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, and a plethora of other books, can give you way more on this).

Thus, people regularly who eat bread, pasta, muffins, cookies, cakes, crackers, waffles, pancakes, all of this stuff? They are going to have more health problems and struggles, both now and down the road, as opposed to people who eliminate these from their diet.

Innumerable times, people have been diagnosed with cancer and have then overhauled their diets. Cutting out alcohol, sugar, and wheat, adding in a plethora of fresh fruits, vegetables, good-for-your-body fats, and healthy fish and meat sources. It’s then happened, and not infrequently, that their cancer than shrank and disappeared altogether.

What you put into your body has a powerful impact on your body’s ability to both fight off disease, as well as, in your body creating sickness.

People who smoke cigarettes, or who drink a lot of alcohol, or those who vape or smoke marijuana regularly, all of these things also aid in the creation of disease. They certainly do not strengthen your body for best avoiding it.

Based on what you eat and consume, you are either encouraging towards sickness or promoting a strong immune system and health.

Sleep is also crucial here. Sleep is the single most healing and rejuvenating thing for one’s body, equal in power to diet and exercise. Remember all the times you’ve gotten sick? Even just the common cold? You felt exhausted, right? And needed to sleep. That is no mistake. Your body does it reparation work and healing when you are deep in slumber. So, make sure during this time to get a minimum of 7 solid hours of sleep (though ideally 8) in order to best protect yourself from getting sick.

Both of these things (diet and sleep) will, if you were to come into contact with the Corona Virus strand and not know it, assist in your body being able to fight it off and keep you healthy (as opposed to ending up in the hospital).

This is not to say that eating an excellent diet and sleeping well are going to eliminate all risk of getting Corona Virus. Of course not. This a nuanced issue, with more factors at play. We are still figuring out what, fully, the virus is. So there are still unknowns at play here.

However, if you want to protect your health, this is one significant step you can take towards doing so. Do not underestimate how important nutrition and sleep are in battling sickness. Thus, even if you were to get the virus and to experience minor symptoms, these habits can make it so that the virus does not progress and become a more significant illness for you (and instead, remains more mild and something your body is able to fight off).

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The Power of Your Emotions on Physical Health.

The other contributor to getting sick that you hadn’t thought of?

Do not panic and freak out.

High levels of anxiety, distress, and panic weaken your immune system. Think of it as if your body is a castle and, in much stress or worry, the drawbridge lowers, allowing for a mob of opposition to rush in on horseback (disease), overwhelming and overtaking the castle (aka, your body). If, however, you are able to keep worry and fear at bay, the drawbridge remains more strongly upright and disease is not as easily able to penetrate.

Worry, high-stress levels, and much emotional turmoil makes your body’s defense system weaker.

We’ve all heard of people who get so distressed, they make themselves sick. They might experience ulcers, or their hair falls out in clumps, or they begin having panic attacks, or they cannot sleep. All sorts of things happen to your body when your mind fills with worry.

Freaking out is not going to decrease your chances of getting the Corona Virus. Instead, it increases them.

Be mindful, careful, and vigilant. Take the recommended precautions seriously. Lots of hand washing and social distancing for starters. All while trying your best to remain calm and not getting overly worked up about it. There is only so much you can control. The rest is unnecessary worry, and worry which weakens your body’s defense system.

Therefore, do what you can to be safe. Protect the health of, not just yourself, but others too by not going out into public spheres when you do not have to. Exhibit kindness toward others. People who have money are the ones in a far better position right now, as opposed to those who live paycheck to paycheck. Do not buy 30 rolls of toilet paper, or 20 boxes of pasta. In fact, don’t grab the pasta at all (remember: wheat wrecks health). Reach for healthy, nourishing foods that aren’t processed. And, in the meantime, leave some for other people too. Remember your fellow humans. Take care of yourself, all while remembering the needs of other human beings as well. Because, when we remember and care for each other, that is a vibe and aura which spreads (in a good way).

We need to have each other’s backs right now.

Not be at each other’s backs.

This is the moment for Americans to step up and prove that we are not empathy-deficient. That we still have heart, kindness, and empathy inside, and for the sharing of with others.

And, of course, be intentional and careful about your diet (now, more than ever), make sure to get enough sleep, and try to calm your mind and not freak yourself out amidst all this. This is a great opportunity for much mindfulness practice, for learning to control one’s thoughts, and for an overhauling of one’s health.

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