Unique Ways to Jazz Up Your Relationship Right Now.

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-Designate one day every week for each of you, as your special day. So one of you might pick Sunday, while the other may select Friday. Any day of the week is fair game. Then, each week, that day is your partner’s special day. What does this mean? It’s the day during which you should take extra care to help make them feel special, as well as, deferring to them on certain things. On their special day, they choose what is for dinner. They might get to pick a special activity the two of you do together that day. And, since it’s a day of recognizing and celebrating your love, you should think of something to do which serves at reminding them of how special they are to you. Leave them a love note, offer up a massage, take them to their favorite brunch place, surprise them with a book you know they’ve been dying to get, you get the idea.

-During gameplay, so board games, or card games, or video games (any of the above), set wagers for something exciting received for whoever wins. Such as, “if I win, I’d like a great foot massage,” and, “well, if I win, I would love a decadent dessert baked from scratch.” Then, let the games begin. This is great fun and will add a sense of anticipation to your gameplaying and days to come. And, make sure to follow through on your wagers.

-Push the envelope a bit sexually. Talk about it together and come to something you both agree on and feel good about, which simultaneously nudges you each a bit from your comfort zones, though likely in a good way. And then, do it. This will add some crackle to your connection.

-One suggestion, if you’re up for it. Role playing. Nothing like a little escapism during this dark and uncertain time. This can help you let off a little steam, to imagine yourself in another scenario for the moment, and can be way sexy, as well as entertaining.

-Another good one. Purchase a book of sex positions online and work your way through experimenting with some new ones. When stuck indoors, another great way to get down with the situation and find sultry ways to enjoy it.

-Once a week, agree to surprise each other. It could be with their favorite treat, an impromptu massage, takeout food on you, a homemade dessert for your partner, leaving them a love note or letter, writing them a poem, flowers coming to the doorstep, you get the idea.

-Do yoga or pilates together in the living room. Not only is this a good workout, it’s slightly sexy too. Or, it can be, if you make it so.

-Agree on a cookbook that looks great to both of you, and then select 10 recipes from within and work your way through trying them out over the next two weeks.

-Read together. Curl up for 30 minutes, a few times weekly, and read side by side. This feels cozy, it’s relaxing, it serves at expanding your minds, it’s a great break from reading about all the craziness in the world right now, and will widen your conversational topics.

-Restaurant hop. Obviously, Coronavirus will put this possibility on pause, however, once able, this concept is such fun. Here’s how it works: select one restaurant to go for your appetizer. Then, choose a different eatery for your entrees. And, decide on another, third spot for your dessert. If you wish, a fourth destination can be added as a locale to grab a drink.

-Put a blindfold on your love and begin with massage, leading into slowly seducing them.

-Pick an erotic book together to read aloud to one another in bed each night.

-Say “please” and “thank you” to your partner every day, for all of the things they do for you, both small and large. This behavior tends to fall by the wayside in longer-term relationships. Don’t let it. Thank your partner for making dinner, for bringing you home a treat on their way from work, for taking out the trash or doing the dishes. This keeps both of you thankful, it keeps each of you feeling valued, and less likely to take the relationship for granted.

-Set up a multi-round gaming scenario at home (great for being stuck inside). Grab your four or five favorite games. These can be a combination of board games, video games, and maybe even if you had an actual plastic bowling set (or something along these lines). Spend a few hours in one fell swoop playing the games. Whoever wins the majority of them gets a grand prize. Desired prizes must be decided on beforehand.

-Have high tea together. With cookies (homemade or ordered online) and a delicious tea come early afternoon. No cell phones or computers allowed in the vicinity.

-Start a book club with your love (you could include friends on this one too). Another great activity during social distancing times or when not able to see loved ones as much as you’d like. Someone selects a book, or, you all agree on one together, and then everyone reads the same book simultaneously. Then, you make sure to set aside times for discussing it. If doing this with your live-in partner, this can happen in person, over meals, tea, or whenever. If doing it with friends who you cannot easily see, discuss it via phone or Skype.

Fervent writer. Ravenous reader. Impassioned with words. Relationship researcher. Social Scientist. Social Justice Advocate. Author. www.brookeenglish.com

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