What Happens When Your Sibling is a Narcissist.

image by Anita Jankovic from Unsplash.com

What is the cost of this?

To rattle off a few, in brief, less empathy for one another, a greater sense of disconnection between each other, a more cruel culture, lots of money spent on materialism, and shallow connections between people.

Many people can officially be diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, while just as many who cannot be officially diagnosed still fit much of the criteria for narcissism.

So, what are the signs of a narcissist?

A sense of entitlement. As in, I deserve this.

So, what to do when someone you love is a narcissist?

You have two options.

So, what happens when you realize that your sister, or any loved one, is a narcissist?

First comes much sadness. You may try to downplay or reason it away, as in, “well yeah, she did these crappy things, but she can’t really be that bad….”

What can offer a sense of relief and liberation from the pain might be this realization: the narcissist you love is not nearly as upset or concerned about it as you are. They are far too concerned with and wrapped up in themselves.

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