Why Travel Solo? Many Reasons.

  1. Confidence building. Big time. Many people are hesitant to do things alone. They may not be so comfortable with their own company, feeling a need to surround themselves with others at all times. Feeling anxious or insecure at the idea of doing things alone. Enjoying one’s own company, just as much as time spent with others, is a crucial life skill to acquire. It signals a sense of inner peace, happiness, and confidence. It shows emotional health. Taking the plunge and traveling alone, even though it might scare you, will sky-rocket your self esteem. You are likely to experience some moments of discomfort or loneliness. This is normal. We all have such moments throughout life anyway. These feelings are a part of being human. But they will be just that: moments. The overall trip will be a fantastic, growth inducing, character expanding thing. Once you return from your solo travels, you will feel strong, proud, and contented that you did such a thing on your own. And, that you had a stellar time while doing so.

One discovers just as many riches and worthwhile moments when alone and adventuring. Some of which, can only be uncovered and experienced when solo.

3. Meeting new people. When traveling as part of a pair or group, other people are less likely to approach you. However, when alone, other fellow travels are much more inclined to approach and strike up conversation. If you enjoy meeting new and interesting people, this can be eye-opening and lots of fun. You will have the chance to meet fellow travelers like yourself, and maybe even some locals! When traveling alone in Amsterdam, I met a man in the airport when stuck there overnight. We remained in touch over several years, even meeting up again when my boyfriend at the time and I stopped there on the way to another adventure. This can enrich your travel experience by volumes, depending on the people you meet and maybe even things you will experience with them!

Travel alone. It infuses you, as well as your life following, with such riches. With further character development, relevant lessons learned, incredible memories, and a life laden with powerful moments.

Fervent writer. Ravenous reader. Impassioned with words. Relationship researcher. Social Scientist. Social Justice Advocate. Author. www.brookeenglish.com

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