27 Top-Notch Non-Fiction Books

Each of these was life-changing in some way and thus, I highly recommend all of them

Brooke Meredith
21 min readMay 14, 2023
image by Dollar Gill from Unsplash.com

By mere virtue of the fact that I have a blog devoted to books makes it obvious how strongly I feel about reading.

I firmly believe that reading books makes for a richer, more bomb diggity life (and I’m not talking richer in a monetary sense).

In fact, I would go so far as to say that a life without any semblance of reading would be one that is missing out in significant ways.

A quick list of just a few of the ways books make our lives better:

  • Reading adds a whole additional layer to our daily lives, one into which we can dive whenever we wish by merely opening its pages and starting to read
  • Reading invites us into new perspectives we likely never would have been gifted with the opportunity to peer into otherwise, as well as into understandings of others that we likely would not have had prior
  • Reading makes us smarter (really! People who read a lot tend to perform better on standardized tests)
  • Reading offers us a portable source of entertainment and engagement that is way deeper, more fulfilling, and more intricate than anything we’ll find on a cell phone or iPad screen